Are shorter .IE domains on the way?


Do you think 1 and 2 character .IE domain names should be available to register? Whether you’re for it or against it, now is your chance to have your say. This is the first topic being tackled by the Policy Advisory Committee(PAC) and as a member, our Domain Name Geek, Kelly Salter, would love to know what YOU think! The PAC was set up by the Board of the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) in 2014 to consider and provide advice on policy issues concerning Ireland’s Internet top-level domain name, .IE. Kelly is actively involved in positive changes for .IE and […]

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Are your WordPress plugins and themes up to date?


Have you heard? There have been concerns over the security of some very popular and regularly used WordPress plugins and themes recently? Joost de Valk of – a programmer of plugins himself, has determined the misuse of the add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions. To most people this probably doesn’t mean a great deal, but it is important to anyone running a WordPress website. The presence of such code in plugins and themes commonly used in WordPress means that a large number of websites, may be open to Cross-site scripting or XSS vulnerabilities. Cross-site scripting/XSS vulnerability does enable hackers or bots […]

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Is Google’s new mobile search ‘Mobile-geddon’?

Register365 mobile-friendly

If your website’s not mobile-friendly, your business could drop down the ranks in mobile phone searches as of today thanks to the latest Google search algorithm, nicknamed “mobile-geddon”. As the name suggests, this change could be disastrous for many websites as Google favours mobile-friendly sites in mobile searches over those that aren’t mobile-friendly. Mobile marketing company, Somo Global, say some top brands will be caught off guard and  potentially drop rankings today too including Versace, American Apparel, Next and Daily Mail. Even though many of these sites have apps and mobile sites they are not all recognised as mobile-friendly by […]

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What could a mobile app do for your business?

AppMaker make a mobile app

So you’ve heard people talking about apps, you’ve probably even got some on your phone to make shopping at your favourite retailer or listening to music easier. There seems to be an app for everything these days. What if there was an app for your business? That’s not possible you say, they must cost a fortune and you already have a website so you don’t need one… Well, AppMaker expels those myths as it is both affordable and beneficial to your business. Research shows that the average mobile phone user first looks at their phone at 7:31am each day, and in […]

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