Get your online shop ready for Christmas

Gareth Phoenix, owner of Gentlemen’s Practice shares his secrets on how to get your website festive ready this Christmas! Offer free delivery to your customers when approaching this special time of the year. Offering free delivery on your website is a great way of reeling in customers. Make sure you advertise this offer consistently on your website. You can also, send emails to any of your subscribers so they can take full advantage. With the expense of Christmas, free delivery is an amazing way to get your products noticed! Provide tempting seasonal offers to entice Christmas customers. By creating offers […]

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One hundred .ie domain names registered everyday

A recent report by the IEDR found that 100 .ie domain names were registered everyday from January to June, bringing the total number of registrations to 217,374 – up almost 6% on last year! 78% of all .ie domains registered belong to corporate bodies and sole traders and of all new registrations, 40% were recorded in Dublin, 8% in Cork, 4% in Galway and 3% in Limerick. This steady growth of the .ie database shows not only an increase in the number of Irish businesses achieving an online presence, but also the recognition of .ie’s as a highly regarded domain. […]

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A price change to .uk domain names

Nominet, the company responsible for all .UK domains announced that with effect from 01st March 2016 there would be a wholesale price increase to domain names registered and renewed from 1-10 years. The cost of one year registrations was increased marginally and all other wholesale prices were increased by 50%. Russell Haworth, the CEO of Nominet; “We’re committed to running a first-class service for .UK registrants, including our renowned customer service, and we’re doing more than ever before to ensure the .UK space is a safe and trusted home for all. But costs have risen considerably since we last changed […]

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We’re changing our Control Panel!

It’s often the case that companies in our industry use custom control panels which are clunky to use and which look dated. Our own control panel is over 10 years old now, clunky and dated are amongst some of the words we’ve had used to describe it. So, it’s been long overdue a design and functionality overhaul in order to deliver on what our customers expect of an easy-to-use, intuitive control panel. Ultimately our goal is to make a simple account management interface which is quicker to use and which can be used on all devices whilst behind the scenes […]

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