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Google prefers secure websites


If your website is fully secure you’re in luck because you are now in Google’s good books – they announced last week they are giving secure websites preference in search rankings. What it means for you and your website: It means if your website has adopted HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) it will carry more weight with Google and get ranked higher when users search online. HTTPS ensures that the communication between you and the site you’re using is secure and encrypted. This protects your privacy and any sensitive information that is being sent to the website. How do I … Continue reading

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The simple guide to Web Hosting

Hosting Package

‘Web hosting’ – what is it and who needs it? Today we’re going to remove all the jargon and give you our straightforward guide to web hosting… So, what is web hosting? Websites are made up of files such as forms, images, HTML and CSS files that can be stored on a server.  When you store a site on a server, it’s being hosted on that server so when you buy web hosting you are essentially paying to display it online and store it in a safe home. Who needs it? If you have a website, you will use hosting … Continue reading

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New .uk now available to register

.uk is here

The new .uk is here – it’s shorter and more to the point!  If you have a .co.uk domain and you’ve had it for a year or more it means your matching .uk is already reserved. Before claiming your corresponding .uk or buying your brand new .uk, here’s what you need to know: Who can claim a ‘reserved’ .uk name? If you’re an owner of a .co.uk and you purchased it before 28th October 2013, you will have the automatic right to buy the matching .uk. It means you’ll have the “first right” to the matching .uk domain name for … Continue reading

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