Automation the Key to Growth

One of the key driving factors behind the current growth of register365 can be summed up in one word – Automation. This is a key process tool we work hard at constantly refining with all parts of the register365 model. By empowering our customers and giving them the ability to manage all aspects of their accounts, it in turn frees us up to be innovative with our products and also offer better levels of support.

One such example is the new automated mail that now gets sent to all new .ie domain customers who’s order is pending with the Irish domain registry. This mail tells you exactly what documentation the IEDR are looking for to register your domain. This mail gets sent to the account contact every day until the status with the IEDR is updated to “Registered” allowing you the customer real time monitoring of your domain order.We are the first hosting company in Ireland to offer this level of Integration between the IEDR API and our end Users, which already includes real time DNS management. We will also be looking to build a script that automates it for transfers also, allowing you to view the status of your .ie domains through your Uber control panel

This previously manual process and was very time consuming for our domain team, by automating it, it now helps us free up the man hours to offer a more efficient service to other aspects of our shared hosting sphere.

We have some even more exciting automation tools in the pipeline for the next Uber upgrade (1.6) which should be rolled out in the coming weeks, I’ll look to keep you updated and as always feel free to offer recommendations or cool apps you’d like to see in Uber.

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