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The question, which tends to pop up a lot from new and potential customers, is the benefit that they will get from hosting their site on an Irish IP range with regards their Google rankings

Simple really, if your target market is Ireland, you will see some local search engine benefits by hosting with an Irish provider using ideally a .ie domain.

This will enable Google to include your site in their “Pages from Ireland only” search index for the pages within your web site.

Of course this does not guarantee a high search ranking placement, as there is a lot of other things you can do to help with your ranking including:

Making sure all your important keywords appear in your title, description, content and alt tags of your web page. This increases your keyword density and helps in boosting your ranking.

Have a blog with interesting and relevant articles that will have other people linking to it. Links to your site from relevant web sites around the Internet shows Google’s search ‘spider’ that your site is popular, and therefore it rises in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) because the chances of it being useful to a searcher are greater the more web sites have ‘voted’ for your site by linking to it.

Ensure your content is original and diverse as it takes keywords from the content as well as metatags. There is no better method for improving your search engine rankings than original, relevant, informative and most importantly, regularly updated content. The search engine spider will visit your page more often if each time it comes back the content has been added to.

Including a sitemap on your web site as this allows Google to index and understand all the pages and content on your site. Google have a set of Webmaster tools, including a sitemap generator, which are very useful is optimizing your site – find them here:

Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link. Hint: Text in an image is NOT a text link … automated spiders can’t read images!

Check for Broken links and that your HTML is working correctly. The W3C have a great tool for this at

I hope my tips above will be of some help however with
Search Engine Optimization now a large marketplace, and with so called experts springing up all the time, you need to be wary of “guaranteed number 1 rankings in Google” type advertising. There are no guarantees, and no easy formulae – it requires work.

SEO can benefit your company web presence massively but only if you’re dealing with a company with a proven track record so always check for reference sites and customers.

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