DNS Migration

Important: These changes will not effect any website, email or other services. This is posted for information only and to highlight improvements in performance and redundancy for a critical service. Customers will not be impacted.


Wednesday 20th& 27th February 2008

As part of our ongoing programme to improve the service we provide, we will be upgrading all three of our name servers ns1.hosting365.ie, ns2.hosting365.ie, and ns3.hosting365.ie. Two of the servers will be moving out of country to independent networks in London (ns2) and Amsterdam (ns3), both at the heart of European internet infrastructure. ns1 is being replaced with a new machine dedicated to authoritative DNS service. As a result of this move, the IP addresses associated with these machines will be changing:

NS1 currently will change to
NS2 currently will change to
currently will change to

Wednesday February 20th 12:00 noon

Upgrade commences. The new name servers are promoted to the authoritative name servers within H-Sphere. This process should take no more than 1 hour and there should be no visible downtime for customer domains though the Control Panel will be unavailable for a short period during this window. You should update your glue records through your registrar at this point.
When the upgrade is complete, the original name servers will remain in place and answering as authoritative servers for your domains however they will no longer be linked to H-Sphere and any updates made through the Control Panel – either record changes or new domain additions will not be reflected on these servers. New domains added to the system may not be recognised for up to 48 hours due to DNS propagation on the glue records – some users may be referencing the old name servers rather than the new.

Wednesday February 27th 12:00 noon

As the records in the old name servers grow stale, it becomes important to remove the domains from these servers. One week after the migration, the authoritative domains will be removed from the old
servers on,, and and they will refuse any DNS queries sent to them from outside Hosting365. They will continue to operate as caching recursive name servers, serving only machines within the Hosting365 Data Centre.

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