Sql Admin 2000 Benefits

With the launch of our Sql Admin 2000 tool http://sql2000admin.register365.com

customers have now got access to tools like: query analyser, shrink wizard, change password , as well as a “backup database” wizard, a “restore database” wizard, a “generate INSERT” wizard, an “import CSV file” wizard, plus much much more!

This is also the only place customers are able to shrink their transactions log or else you would need to contact one of our windows engineers to do this for you.

By launching tools such as SQl 2000 Admin, we are continuously looking to empower our customers to be able to help themselves with whatever they need to do, without having to rely on our support dept, which in turns frees up our resources to continue to add more tools to improve automation.

Any cool tools you would like to see us add? Drop a comment on the Blog or on the forum

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