Phone System Change

As you might be aware, we have been working hard over the past year to improve the quality and responsiveness of our customer care.

This time last year we introduced a 24×7 team, dedicated to catering for our customers’ every need.

In August 2007 we launched a new web site at, which delivered an industry leading range of web hosting and domain name registration services. Register365 became the cost and feature leader of the Irish market.

Incorporated with our new site, we launched a new support system at, Building on over seven years of experience in this area, the site includes our new ticketing system, for easily tracking support issues, a library of video tutorials, an extensive, searchable knowledge base, a wide range of downloads and tools and our new forums (directly accessible at We also revamped the customer control panels to provide a simpler, more straight forward experience.

At the same time, we started providing 24/7 support through Live Chat – available on every page of the website and control panels simply by clicking the ‘Chat’ buttons. This system links you at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week, directly with the care team.

Over the years, we’ve provided freephone telephone support during office hours. In that time we’ve learned through experience and feedback that telephone support is inefficient, expensive and not as effective as email or live chat at delivering problem resolution.

In order to continue offer the most efficient and timely customer support, 24/7, we are discontinuing telephone support from Tuesday 18th March 2008. After this date it will be no longer possible to call 1800 365965.

Here are the standard support channels available to you – all 24/7/365.

–    Live Chat – Click Chat on any webpage at
–    Tickets –
–    Email –

Premium Support is available as an option during office hours – Monday to Friday 0900-1730 GMT – by calling us on 1550 365 965.  [ Please note that calls are charged at 95c per minute ]

Kind regards,
Register365 Team

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10 thoughts on “Phone System Change

  1. AS a longtime customer of Hosting365 I wish to register my deep disappointment with this move. I believe it represents a great degradation in the quality of service provided by Hosting365 and I have started a petition to attempt to get this move reversed.

  2. Hi Joe,

    Just on a point of information, 24/7 live chat, email, (premium) phone and free call-backs will continue being provided by our dedicated in-house team, backed up by our office in Poland.

    None of our support is outsourced, and we have a 50:50 split between Dublin and Krakow.

  3. I note with interest that you have removed the URL of my petition to reverse this decisition at . I intend to post about this in the e-business discussion list.

    Your definiteion of ‘outsourcing’ is unsurprisingly narrow. I am sure you would be happy to ignore the fact that those in Karkow have no possibility of physical access to the servers in Ireland.

  4. Hi Joe,

    Outsourcing is when a company outsources a function of their company to another company, we have an office in Karkow, this is a hosting365 office with hosting365 employees and has been in place nearly two years. It contains our R&D team as well as some of the support staff.

    The rest of the support staff is based in our Dublin data centre.

    All servers can be managed remotely , you very rarely have to physically connect to a server, rebooting a server can even be done remotely using a KVM switch.

    All dedicated server customers can ring our Dublin Noc team 24/7 and get remote hands and eyes to their server if needed.The Noc engineers
    can physically login to the servers if needed 24/7

    If you do not have the contact details to the noc you need to contact your account manager who will provide these.

  5. My client is a co-located customer with no KVM switch fitted as far as I’m aware and I’ve been on the floor of the data centre to deploy it. It is a Google mini which can only be started manually by physically pressing the power button.

    I note also that you do not address the issue of the initial removal of my petition link.

  6. Hi Joe,

    In that case nothing has changed with regards your client , have him ring the Noc 24/7 should he ever physically need the server rebooted.

    The Petition link was removed as I feel that this is not the place to advertise such a petition.

  7. Personally I’m also disappointed with the move, I am now in the situation of not being able to get in contact with someone when there is a problem. The premium number could be worth it, but I am not located in Ireland and I don’t have a chance to call this number.

    I find that your chat interface is buggy, and not a great communication tool.


  8. Hi guys

    …After several attempt to “Live Chat” today and yesterday …Ive had no luck getting an operator ?? …..please bring back the telephone service ….it doesnt need to be freephone ….just an ordinary number please.

    Most people (in my opinion) will start swapping over to a new provider with telephone support.

  9. Hi Laurence,

    Please email aidan AT directly if you are having any issues connecting to live chat, it is manned around the clock and our operators handle over 150 chats per day now (with about 20% between 8pm and 8am in the morning).

    You can also email support AT or submit a ticket at

    So far we’ve had lots of positive feedback to the availability and responsiveness of the chat team, and we remain the only irish host with 24/7 support.

    If you are having issues that are not easily resolved by chat or email, you can of course submit a ticket or send us an email and we can call you back.

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