A message from Stephen McCarron

Hi all,

You will all by now have received an email about the sale of register365 to Namesco. Let me take a few moments to elaborate on exactly what it will mean for you as a customer.

On Wednesday, the Domain Registration and Shared hosting division of Hosting365 – Register365 – was sold to Namesco Ireland. Namesco are one of the leading domain and hosting providers in the UK.

The decision to sell Register365 did not come about lightly, and was fundamentally based on the challenges we faced as a business, trying to cater to two extreme ends of the hosted services market. Through this deal, customers benefit from 100% focus and attention to domain registration and shared hosting services from the new Register365 team, as well as improved support options and significantly broader resources.

Hosting365.com will also focus exclusively on providing managed hosting services to companies with more complex requirements and online business at www.hosting365.com.

So, what changes?

– All services will remain as-is, on the same servers, same IP addresses in the same location (the Hosting365 data centre in Park West, Dublin). Nothing is being relocated or moved in any way. Register365 will continue in business as normal.

– Customers do not need to make any modifications or changes in any way – everything will still work exactly as before.

– Payments and billing will also remain as they are; your online payments will work in the same way, and you can continue sending cheques by mail to the same address.

Support Options

– Since Wednesday afternoon – Technical Support and Customer Care are available from 8am-8pm Mon-Fri and Technical Support is also available Sat-Sun 10am-6pm. Simply dial 1890 944 500

– Live Chat and Email options are also still available, with no changes to addresses.

– Support is available by all of the above options Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Technical Support also 10am to 6pm weekends.

It was extremely important, to me personally as well as the whole 365 team, that the match we found for Register365 could maintain the same levels of care, innovation and leadership we have done since inception back in 2001. These characteristics and capabilities we found in abundance with Namesco and I am thrilled that they are taking over Register365.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the people who made Register365 the leader it became. The staff who, through the years, have helped build the systems, the infrastructure and help the growing customer base, and, most importantly, you, the customer.

Through delivering you a good service at a good price you referred your friends, your family and your colleagues and drove Register365 to grow at rates way in excess of the norm for the market.

Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “A message from Stephen McCarron

  1. So fundamentally the only change really is the support, the phone been answered in the UK rather then Ireland…

    Is this correct??

  2. Our premium support was handled in Dublin, our live chat and tickets managed by our team in Krakow, all that changes, fundamentally, is that there is now an 80 person strong team, based in the UK performing phone, chat and ticket support.

  3. Hi Aidan,
    can I ask who is in charge now? I’m a relatively new customer to 365 and I am almost finished migrating my sites over but I’m having some trouble with domain transfers and registrations. Each time I place an order and pay by EFT nobody seems to know what the payment is for or worse the order just vanishes – there seems to be something missing to link payments to orders or communication breakdown between departments? Perhaps it is just teething problems with the new owners but it would be nice to have a contact to send the concerns/recommendations to. Thanks

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