.Tel me more….

Hi all,

The eagerly awaited new .tel domain name is now open for general availability, making it more accessible for all.

For the smaller price tag of only €15.99 you can now secure your own .tel

The .tel works differently than other top level domain names (TLD’s). Instead of pointing to the Domain Name System (DNS) and returning an IP address (a list of numbers) to the searcher, a .tel maps the domain name to contact and keyword information stored directly within the DNS. This means that with one easy click your visitors can obtain important contact information from your website, without having to visit your site directly.

The .tel domain name allows you to create a fully interactive, live communications hub meaning you are able to take control over how and when people can communicate with you.

You can store, publish and update all your contact and keyword information under your domain name, without the need for a website.

Search for your .tel today or find out more by visiting our web page

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2 thoughts on “.Tel me more….

  1. (a) received a newsletter today, to respond to it: “If you have any comments or feedback regarding our newsletter, please let us know at blog.register365.com”.
    But I don’t see where I can respond to newsletter on this page?

    (b) the shortcut to the webhosting-control panel has disappeared. Will this be put back on, and if so where will it be positioned?


    1. Hi Simon,

      I think the intention was to get more feedback on blog articles etc, any comments you have can always be left here (comment whereever you like, we read everything) or on our forum if you would like more of a discussion.

      If you are referring to the old HSphere control panel, it’s still live and can be accessed directly, or by visiting the ‘legacy hosting’ section of your new Namesco control panel.

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