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You will have probably read articles online about becoming a publisher of ads and how with the simple addition of some code to your site pages you can have banner ads showing on your site and earning you significant amounts of revenue.

Firstly beware. Many Publisher services will show unsuitable ads, either distasteful ads or ads that directly compete with your services. Obviously there’s little point in re-directing your traffic away from the services you offer. The ads need to be complimentary to your services.

Secondly understand. Understand the quality of targeting used to place ads on your site. Understand the amount of revenue you will receive of the total revenue generated. Publisher services can vary enormously in the level of commission they take., from Register365, takes a great deal of care in placing the right ads on your site. Simply uses a highly sophisticated and optimized mix of behavioural, yield, and contextual targeting to ensure only the most relevant ads are shown. What’s more you have complete control to remove any ads shown.

The quality of this targeting is shown in the revenues generated. Recent research from Simply Labs compared 60 days of Simply to the overall ad server market. Results showed Simply delivered a 104% higher eCPM revenue level than the market average.

Finally, with you also benefit from receiving an incredible 90% of the total revenue generated!
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