Google rank .CO alongside .com and .org

The global launch of .CO has been one of the most successful in recent history with over 440,000 .CO domains registered in more than 182 countries.

Now the status of .CO is reaching new heights as Google has placed .CO alongside the likes of .com and .org by allowing geotargeting of .CO. Geotargeting gives you the option to target your .CO content to specific countries which you know are where your customers operate.

.CO Domains

Using Google’s Geographic targeting in Webmaster tools enables you to choose to deliver content on your .CO domain to specific countries – so for example, you may choose to only target Ireland or the US. To help you make the changes, we’ve prepared a step by step Knowledge Base Article: Geotargeting .CO domains in Google webmaster tools

Many .CO extensions have been purchased to provide a memorable address for brand new content. Alternatively, they complete an existing portfolio. Whichever, it’s only going to get harder with time to find the .CO you want, so make sure you search for your ideal .CO Domain soon.

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