.IE or not .IE, that is the question …

… and with the 150,000th domain registered at the end of last month, the answer has to be YES!

The .ie ccTLD passes the 150K mark … #domains #icann#cctld 4:39 PM Sep 22nd via web twitter.com/JMcCormac

The previous landmark of 100,000 .ie domains registered was passed in April 2008, following the relaxation of personal domain name registration.

Although more expensive than .com, .ie carries the distinguishing cachet that your organisation has proven Irish credentials. As the Registry for .ie Domain Names, IEDR, says “the best websites use .ie” and a quick check of traffic stats shows a .ie domain certainly puts you amongst some illustrious companies, including global brands you’d expect through to distinctly Irish flavoured sites.

According to alexa.com, the number one .ie domain in Ireland by traffic is Google.ie -perhaps not the most Irish of companies, but it does mean they’ve registered an office in Dublin – and the .ie version tops the .com .

Next on the list is rte.ie, the much loved public service broadcaster. This is followed by the talking shop of Ireland, boards.ie, one of the most successful indigenous sites, set up over a decade ago and providing a forum for wide-ranging discussion from racing and sport to ‘after-hours’ topics.

And so the list goes on with, as of the end of last month, over 149,997 more .ie domains out there.

Here at Register365 (both .ie and .com) we’re proud to have helped in reaching this 150,000 landmark and so you can look forward to some celebrations coming to a site near you soon!

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