goes cluster-tastic

This month explains ‘cluster targeting’ and shows how this technology can improve online campaigns by grouping users together based on behaviour to target ads.  Used by this revolutionary technology allows the delivery of high performing, tightly targeted campaigns for both website owners and advertisers.

Whether you want to include targeted advertising on your website to generate income or you want to advertise your new site, can meet your campaign needs.

How does it work?

Cluster targeting identifies carriers depending on website interaction – sites visited, pages clicked on,  searches made etc. Other users who have performed similar actions in the same time frame are then clustered together with the carrier. These clusters are updated daily and using statistical techniques to measure the significance of these clusters, adverts are positioned to reflect how users behave and what they’ve shown their preferences to be.

Optimising ads for publishers and advertisers

For publishers cluster targeting can deliver extra income by increasing the eCPM (cost per thousand) of adverts on their site.

For advertisers the technology optimises delivery of targeted adverts taking the guesswork out of deciding which sites to approach or when to run campaigns. For smaller enterprises this is a huge bonus allowing hard-pressed budgets to focus on reaching the right people at the right time.

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