Ecommerce is Coming …

In a recent study, Google identified that a huge proportion of Irish SMEs do not have an online directory listing even though more than ¾ of Irish consumers search for goods and services on the Internet. With the IEDR reporting that less than 14% of Irish businesses have Ecommerce capabilities this means that other English language stores like those based in the UK or US are stealing this valuable Irish Ecommerce revenue.

Well … not for much longer, because we’re introducing brand new simple, secure and search engine optimised Ecommerce solutions that are easy-to-use and cost effective. So whether you’re a reseller and want to improve your own offer by re-selling advanced Ecommerce solutions to clients, or you’re a small business and want to have a go at building your own simple Ecommerce site, our range of products will suit your requirements.

Our new Ecommerce solutions are powerful, easy-to-use online shopping platforms that will put you in control of how you build online stores, without the cost associated with buying in bespoke solutions. As a reseller, it’s also a low risk, cost effective and flexible way to expand your online web services offer and revenue.

Simple, Secure & Search Optimised products are coming

  • A simple setup with design wizards, multiple templates and drag and drop capabilities
  • A secure environment for payments with a shared SSL certificate
  • A site optimised for search engine results with simplified Google registration and a Google XML Sitemap generator

We’ll be launching these exciting new products in the near future so make sure you visit Register365 and look out for emails providing more information over the next few weeks. If you can’t wait and want to talk about Ecommerce now, get in touch on 1890 944 500 to find out more.

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6 thoughts on “Ecommerce is Coming …

    1. Hi Neil, the Ecommerce product will have a Shop Demo on our website when we launch as well as some visuals of example shops.


  1. Hi Mike,

    That’s a great news, I’d like to know when is this new scheme will be introduced, and what kind of time frame we looking for? We hope we will able to use this applications on our website in the foreseeable future. The SSL crypting will be the part of the package, or that would be separate to purchase? And can You tell me, if this e-Commerce site will be available in multiple languages? Having saying that, because our webshop’s target market is Ireland and Hungary.

    1. Hi Andras,

      Thanks for your interest in Ecommerce.

      To answer your specific questions, we are hoping to have Ecommerce live to Register365 customers on or by the 7th of June. Whilst Ecommerce is a standalone product (whilst you will get the tools to build your store this will also host your website) there are ways to integrate Ecommerce with an existing website (for example by using subdomains).

      As far as SSL is concerned a shared SSL certificate will be included with the package. We would always recommend that you at least consider having your own certificate rather than a shared certificate and if you wanted to take a look we do have an extensive range, from simple and quick certificates to EV certificates which require additional authentication. Our SSL page is here if you want to take a look:

      Dependent upon the level of Ecommerce you purchase, the number of languages and currencies on offer varies. I do know, however, that Hungarian (or Magyar) is not one of the options that is available.

      I hope this information helps for now Andras, however should you have any further questions please let us know.


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