Great Savings – but why .ie?

For some the .ie domain is about verifying Irish roots to establish credibility and giving customers peace of mind, like and For others, like and, it is essential to underscore the all–Ireland focus of the site and to ensure higher ranking in search engines ratings when customers do local searches.

Furthermore McAfee named .ie in the top 5 safest domain names in the world plus the chances are much higher of finding your favoured domain name still available – compared with .com, for example.
Accredited .ie Registrar

All of the above makes a .ie domain a compelling proposition and now there’s the best reason of all – you can save a massive 40% with Ireland’s favourite .ie Registrar.

And then there’s the few for whom the .ie domain is a gift from heaven – is a photo sharing site built in Ireland, but with an international following. If you can’t beat’em, join ’em – search for your .ie-dea now.

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One thought on “Great Savings – but why .ie?

  1. We agree in going local, the .ie gives you that recognition and thankfully Irish people are very loyal to Irish brands in these times and thankfully our business is growing as a result. Long live

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