Why .ie?

Why choose a .ie domain for your business?

By choosing to register a .ie domain over other domains you are choosing Irish! When you click on a .ie domain you know that it can be trusted and more importantly that it’s an Irish website you are visiting.

There are benefits to having a .ie domain name. Anyone can register a .com domain and because of this many of the names have already been taken and there is no guarantee it’s a genuine business. Whereas 95% of .ie domains are registered as businesses, so you can be sure that it is a clean space for Irish business and ecommerce.
The criteria for owning a .ie domain is much stricter. For example, in the case of an Irish company or business, IEDR require the RBN or CRO number before you can register a .ie domain. This gives customers more confidence that you are who you say you are and they are also aware that you are an Irish based business.

If you’re an Irish business, a business selling into Ireland or targeting a largely Irish audience; having a .ie domain makes sense for a number of reasons:

  • Trust:  the IEDR (Ireland’s Domain Registry) requires individuals and business entities to meet certain criteria confirming their eligibility before they are allowed to register a .ie domain. Anyone from anywhere can pick up a generic .com, .net or .org, but since it is far harder to register a .ie domain it seems to be far more trustworthy.
  • Instant local identity: any Irish internet user seeing a .ie domain immediately recognises that this is a business operating in Ireland, and knows instantly that the products, services or information outlined on the website are likely to be relevant to their particular needs. That has a very positive impact on things like the number of people clicking through to your site from search engine results pages, and helps to ensure that the traffic you get is interested in Irish products and services.
  • Improved local search visibility: an .ie ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) will help search engines to determine that your site is Irish, and is likely to be of interest to internet users looking for Irish content. It is one of the factors that search engines use to deliver more relevant local search results to their customers, lending more weight to .ie pages in Irish search results, which again drives more targeted search engine traffic to your website.
  • Safety: .ie domains are the 2nd safest in the world. With virtually no cybersquatting, less cybercrime and minimal poaching of domains.

All of the points above enhance the value of a .ie domain and it should be viewed as an asset to any Irish company. Since the registration process is so strict anyone who owns a .ie domain should make sure they stake their claim and hold onto it.

Are you an Irish citizen and have a business or just want a personal domain? Then .ie is for you! Buy online today – click HERE

To talk through the application process or for more information – talk to sales on 1890 944 500


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