The GTLD battle of the brands – Google Vs Amazon

ICANN has received nearly 2,000 applications from parties interested in owning their own little piece of the Internet and has today announced the individual applicants list of new Global top Level Domains that have been applied for.  In a press conference today, ICANN confirmed that they believe the first batch will be ready to release in quarter 1 2013.  You can view the full list HERE … but it will take you a while to digest.

In total 1930 applications were received from 60 different countries and many applied for multiple names meaning 751 applications will be directly fought over because there are multiple applicants.

There are no real surprises in the superbrands who have applied for their own space including Apple, IBM, Ford, Ferrari, Audi, Microsoft … the list goes on.  But the big story lies in the fight between Google and Amazon over a list of surprising extensions.

Google vs Amazon – Who Will Win?
There is fierce competition for some domains with 7 applicants for .CLOUD and .WEB, 13 applying for .APP (with Amazon in the running – but not Apple).  .BLOG is being fought over by 9 applicants and we are likely to see a superbrand showdown as both Google and Amazon have gone for .SHOW, .STORE, .SHOP .TALK and .WOW – “wow!, that will be a show to talk about!”  Who would you root for in a ringside fight of Google vs Amazon – it seems these two companies are really going to be going head to head – fun! 😉   With Amazon going for .SEARCH as well as Google, that suggests that Amazon thinks they should be moving into a new Internet territory … watch out Google!  In fact, the list is so extensive, here’s what they will be fighting over …


.SHOP is one of the most sought after prizes in this race and with 9 applicants the fight to win will be crazy.

Other brand battles…
Coca-Cola has stayed true to their word as they previously objected the application process and there is a distinct lack of any application for .COKE in the release today so we don’t need to worry that the web will be filled with sugary drinks for a while yet.  .GUARDIAN is an interesting one as both Guardian newspapers and Guardian Life Insurance of America have applied and so it will be a case of sifting through Intellectual Property rights to see who wins.

There won’t be any love in the .LOVE domain for a while because we’ll be seeing 7 interested applicants fighting it out to win this coveted space.  What content can we expect in .LOVE?

We’ll be analysing the list and trying to get access to the application mission statements to see what pitch businesses have given as part of their application process.

What’s your favorite application and have you spotted any surprises in the list? Let us know….

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One thought on “The GTLD battle of the brands – Google Vs Amazon

  1. I would to see Amazon win over Google even just for this time. 🙂 Why does google need to get such webnames when they can still benefit from it even if they won’t or can’t own them?

    Who ever wins the the gtld battle, it does not matter anyway, ICANN will surely win. 🙂 If you know what I mean…


    eleiza reina ramos 🙂

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