How to choose the right type of Web Hosting

Register365 Choosing Your Web Hosting SolutionIt can be very confusing choosing the right type of web hosting if you don’t know what you are looking for, or you get easily confused by jargon.  We’ve put together a quick guide to help you learn about the different types of web hosting available.

Choose web hosting based on your needs
Business web servers, personal websites, and ecommerce shops require very different web hosting solutions.  For example, individuals or businesses with online-critical operations would need a dedicated server with all the benefits that come from having your own server space and resources, whereas someone running a personal blog may find that a basic web hosting package is more than enough.

Shared Web Hosting
Who: popular for personal websites, blogs, startups and small business websites.
What: your website is hosted on a server that is set up to host multiple sites.  The shared hosting platform is managed by the provider and gives you benefits of shared resources and applications, making it a very cost-effective solution.  All you need to think about is creating your website.

Most personal websites and small to medium business sites require only a fraction of the resources of a complete web server, so it would be expensive for these sites to each reside on their own server, which makes Shared Web Hosting the perfect choice.

Linux or Windows?
Firstly, choosing a Linux or Windows Web Hosting package has nothing to do with the operating system you run on your computer.  Secondly, if you want loads of free web apps such as WordPress and Joomla, choose Linux.  For a more in-depth explanation of which type of shared hosting you should opt for, view our guide on the difference between Linux and Windows hosting.

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated servers can provide many benefits; they offer an unparalleled level of security and flexibility and are seen as the best web hosting solution for running large, resource intensive websites that receive many visitors, and business critical operations.

Dedicated server providers will house your server in a fully equipped and redundant data centre, saving you time, investment in infrastructure and running costs of having your own server on-site.  Trained experts are on hand round the clock to ensure your server maintains maximum performance levels.

But what type of Dedicated Server should you choose?

Managed Dedicated Server
Who: great for business critical operations, ecommerce sites and resource-intensive, high traffic business websites.
What: your own personal server with your own unique hosting space, server hardware and software, housed in a fully equipped data centre.  Your server is administered and maintained by a team of trained technicians, including application management, operating system updates, security upgrades and support.  User access will enable you to manage your hosting and email accounts.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server
Who: ideal if you are confident in server management; gain control and save money.
What: your own personal server with your own unique hosting space, server hardware and software, housed in a fully equipped data centre.  Server administration is taken care of by you, so you or your technical team choose when and what updates are applied, giving you more flexibility.  You have full access to every part of your server and the freedom to maintain it and use it as you wish.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
Who: those who want the benefits of a dedicated solution in a virtual environment, lowering costs.
What: a single physical server that is divided into virtual sections dedicated to each user.  VPS is the ideal solution for those who want a cost-effective dedicated solution; you benefit from sharing a single server chassis and infrastructure, keeping costs low, but you get your own secure space and choice of operating system and software.

Who: for people who want to own their server hardware but do not have the resources to host it.
What: you hire space, power and bandwidth from a Co-Location provider, but you get to choose your complete server package and manage every aspect of it.  It’s your server!  You are given the infrastructure to operate your server in a cost-effective way.

Register365 Web Hosting Solutions
We offer a choice of four shared web hosting packages for everyone from bloggers all the way up to resellers, complete with free email accounts, a free domain name and a bunch of free web apps including WordPress.

We can also provide you with a range of Dedicated Servers, VPS and Co-Location Solutions.  Call us on 1890 944 500 to discuss your needs.

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