Inspirational Ecommerce Success Story

Could you be inspired to Ecommerce success too?

Against expectation, has already paid for itself. Watch the video below and hear how Vinny Shaughnessy and his sister, Alice, used Register365 Ecommerce to power their online extension to their Galway shop. If When it leaves you inspired, why not take advantage of our current offer with 33% discount off our Ecommerce range?

Barely a week goes by without some reference in the media about the importance of ‘Ecommerce’ to the overall health of the Irish economy. The Irish Internet Association, reports that Ireland is on a par with the EU27 average, with 43% of consumers saying that they had made an online purchase within the previous 12 months. This is up 36% year-on-year and, at Register365, every day we help new Irish businesses to get online. is one site that has understood the benefits and power of ecommerce, especially for retailers.

Many businesses, though, are still uncertain about setting up an online shop. They worry about complex technologies or constantly paying out for site updates. Listen to Vincent Shaughnessy talk about how easy it was to set up with Register365 Ecommerce, and how it means he and his family are able to stay in control.

As Vinny points out

“We didn’t want to give someone else control of our website … you don’t want someone else saying every time you need to update a product, ‘you need me to do it’ and having no control.

We thought that functionality-wise [Register365 Ecommerce] was by far the best – it had everything that we needed and it was easy enough to use.

[] has gone very, very well for us – it’s made the money back that we put into it.”

Stay in control of your success and take advantage of our 33% discount on Register365 Ecommerce. Browse our catalogue of products and choose the right online shop for you.

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