Quick Tips 4: Search Engine Optimisation

Here’s Part 4 in our series of Q&A sessions with Sally Tomkotowicz, Marketing Manager for Register 365. This week we’re discussing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Q. I’ve heard a lot about SEO recently, can you tell me more? Have you got any tips on  how customers can easily find my business on Google?

A. Generating traffic to your website must not be underestimated, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows you to optimise your website to attract the right type of visitor.

SEO is one of the biggest challenges that many online businesses face today, as competition is fierce for the attention and approval of search engine users, but done correctly it can be of great benefit.

Here are our top SEO tips:

  • Keep Your Content Fresh! – Search engines look for frequently updated unique content. Adding a blog keeps your content up-to-date (Quick Tips 3)!
  • Title Tags – Search engines will rank search results partly based on the page title tag; make sure your titles  contains fewer than 10 words, including your item of interest, followed by your website or business name for best results. Short and sweet!
  • Clear URL– Make sure your URL is readable by humans, is short, simple and relevant. Your ranking will improve when the keywords in your domain name match the phrase searched for.Use Social Media – You want your readers to start tweeting and liking your content and creating a buzz, so give them every opportunity to do so by embedding your twitter feed, and adding share buttons to your web pages. Use it to your advantage.
  • Keyword Selection– The ideal amount of dedicated keywords contained on any web page should be around 7% throughout your content. All online businesses have keywords.

Do a bit of competitor research; see what their content contains and how they are ranked. You could learn a lot!By following these points you’ll give yourself a great chance of achieving your online goals! Integrate them and you will surprise yourself!

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