Amaze yourself – Build your own website today!

You don’t need to be a creative mastermind or a technical wizard to create an attractive, professional looking website. If you don’t believe us, try it yourself; sign up today for our SiteMaker 14 day FREE trial.

Our easy to use website builder, SiteMaker, allows you to express your creative side (even if you don’t think you have one!). You can pick design templates, and change colours and images. You can even add music, videos or your Twitter feed!

To help you get started, we caught up with Amy, one of our creative web designers for some top tips:

1.    Simple, Clean Design –

Be clear about the purpose of your website and keep it in mind when choosing design elements. Try not to go overboard with different colours, graphics or fonts and don’t be afraid to leave white space. Your aim is to have a positive impact on your visitors, you don’t want to overwhelm them with clutter, so remember, less can be more!

2.    Easy Navigation –

How the user interacts with your website is an integral part of design. If the user finds it easy to move around your website and to find the information they want, they are more likely to return. Always make sure your pages are organised and hyperlinks work correctly to avoid user disappointment and frustration.

3.    Be Consistent –

Build your brand. Create a palette of colours to use on your site and limit yourself to those colours. Try not to have too many (unless your website is for something like a rainbow scarf knitting club). Choose the same font or similar fonts throughout. Use a well-designed logo to ensure your brand is clear and memorable. Make sure you keep a unified design across all of your online and offline activities including your social media platform.

4.    Clear ‘Call to Action’ –

If you want your visitors to do something e.g. buy a car; ask them to do it and walk them through the process. You can do this by creating clean, visible action buttons and providing smooth navigation throughout the website.

5.    Website Purpose  –

Make sure users immediately know what the website is about. If they can’t figure it out in the first few seconds they will move on and you’ll have lost your opportunity.

6.    Content is Key –

Do your best to answer any questions your visitors may have within the content on your site. This will improve the visitor experience by providing them with the information they need immediately.

7.    Contact Us –

Ensure your contact information is clear and easy to find. It’s often the last thing people think of when designing a website, so keep it in mind as it’s the key to opening communication channels with your audience. Include as many contact methods as possible e.g. phone, email, post, online form and Twitter, if you use it in this way.

8.    Leave a Lasting Impression –

Every time a user visits your website, use it as an opportunity to shine. By keeping your design simple and your content fresh and up to date, you will make your site more memorable.

The SiteMaker 14 day FREE trial is available at the click of this button… give it a go today, use some of our tips and start experimenting! You might be pleasantly surprised with the results!

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One thought on “Amaze yourself – Build your own website today!

  1. I’ve bought Sitemaker pro and can’t make head nor tail of it. I’m on the register.365 homepage, I’m on the control panel page, totally lost and really fed up. I was also charged more than €11 per month at the end of the transaction, PAST the point where I could back out, when I believe I should only have been charged about €9.75. Looking for helpful comeback on this one, for definite.

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