Google .ie Hijacked


You may or may not have heard that last night (09th October), and were ’hijacked’ with the result that for a period of time these .ie domain names were for all intents and purposes inaccessible.

David Curtin, CEO of the Irish Domain Registry, IEDR released an official statement last night saying, “… there was a security incident on Tuesday 9th October, involving two high profile .ie domains.   There was an unauthorised access to one Registrar’s account which resulted in the change to the DNS nameserver records for the two .ie domains.”

The high profile domains in question, and were it seems a victim of the DNS (Domain Name Servers) being hijacked and both addresses were pointed away from the correct host location and sent to a location in Indonesia.  Oops!

David went on to say, “The IEDR worked with the Registrar to ensure that the nameserver records were reset and corrected promptly.  Simultaneously, IEDR commenced an investigation and analysis, with the assistance of external security experts.”

The official IEDR website was still offline when writing this Blog, replaced with the official statement (, but it is important to know that throughout this incident, no other customer sites were impacted and domain availability check services remained intact.  .ie WHOIS was temporarily suspended, but is now back online and normal .ie registrations and renewals will continue.

There will of course be a thorough investigation by both IEDR and the Registrar where Google and Yahoo have their .ie domains registered (in San Francisco), but in some ways it’s sobering to know that even Google with an armoury of security defences and attack weaponry in place, is at the end of the day just as reliant on the same domain services we all use.

Of course we want to know the cause of the issue and it just so happens that we have a meeting with David Curtin of the IEDR booked for tomorrow morning, so we hope to get the full picture.

As more and more malicious attacks are successful globally, it’s inevitable that those intent on causing havoc will always find a way through.   The Internet partners you choose to work with and their ability to respond quickly in a crisis, is one of the most important things you should be considering.

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