Quick Tips Part 2: How do I choose a domain name?

Here’s Part 2 in our series of Quick Tips with Sally Tomkotowicz, Marketing Manager for Register365. This week we’re talking about domains!

Q. I want to launch a website but I don’t know where to start. I’m aware that I need to get a website address but I’m not sure what name to choose? Have you got any tips?

A. I’m really pleased you asked this, it is something that confuses a lot of people. You should take some time to consider the following steps

Step 1: Your website address

A website address (or domain name) consists of two parts, separated by a dot. The domain name is  recognised by the brand name or product type, and the second extension is the geographical area or activity, for example, Ireland has .ie, or it could be a type of activity e.g. .gov or .org.

The key is to think about where you are looking to operate – if global, you will be looking to register a .com, if you are just focusing on Ireland then a simple .ie domain will be perfect for your needs!

Step 2: Accessibility

The domain name should communicate your website’s content at a glance and relevancy is extremely important. You will need to consider something short, distinctive and memorable. Think about which key terms people would enter when making a search for your service/product. It is important to keep the name simple and easy to spell; these basic steps are often overlooked!

Step 3: Legal Stuff

Do a bit of research before listing your domain name just to make sure that you aren’t encroaching on another business’s copyright. You may want to think about securing different domain extensions (the bit after the dot) to protect against illegitimate third party use.

Step 4: What next?

Registering your domain name is just the first step in creating your website. Think about what you want to do next; consider Web Hosting, DIY website builders or perhaps an Ecommerce solution if you are looking to sell online.  After following these steps you’ll be ready to go!


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