Quick Tips 5: Web Hosting

Here’s Part 5 in our ‘Quick Tips’ series with Sally Tomkotowicz, Marketing Manager for Register 365. This week we’re discussing web hosting.

Q) I would like to know more about web hosting. Can you please provide a jargon free explanation?

A) Thanks for the good question; web hosting is a topic that confuses many, so you’re not alone. We recommend choosing a web hosting package based on your specific needs.

Business web servers, personal websites, and ecommerce sites all require very different web hosting solutions. Individuals or businesses with online-critical processes would need a dedicated server with all the benefits that come from having your own server space and resources, whereas someone running a personal blog like myself should find that a basic web hosting package is more than enough for their needs.

Shared web hosting is popular for personal websites, blogs, start-ups and small business websites. Your website is hosted on a server that is set up to host multiple sites – hence the name ‘shared’.  As the shared hosting platform is managed by your provider all you need to think about is creating your website. It’s really that simple!

Most private websites and small to medium business sites require only a fraction of the resources of a complete web server, so it would be expensive for these sites to each reside on their own server, which makes shared web hosting the perfect choice.

At Register 365 we offer a choice of four shared web hosting packages to suit the needs for all, from bloggers to resellers, complete with free email accounts, a free domain name and over 160 free web apps including WordPress, Joomla, forums, CMS, wikis, polls, social networking and music apps, and a whole lot more. There’s not much you can’t do!

However, if you need more power and more control from your hosting, then a dedicated server is right for you. All our dedicated hosting solutions use industry-leading hardware and include high-speed Internet connectivity.

Managed Dedicated Servers are ideal for business critical operations, ecommerce sites and resource-intensive, high traffic business websites. Whereas Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are for those who want the benefits of a dedicated solution in a virtual environment, thus lowering costs.

If you would like to find out more information about any of our hosting solutions visit www.register365.com/hosting
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