Cybersquatters Target Website Domains linked to Royal Baby

With companies throughout the world seeking opportunities to profit from the announcement that a royal offspring is on the way, it seems that clever cybersquatters have also capitalised on the news. In the past week and have already been parked with adverts by cybersquatters. These mirror similar twitter feeds such @royalfoetus that were registered within hours of the public announcement.

Forward thinking cybersquatters appear to have hopped on the baby bandwagon as early as January this year by registering sites such as to take advantage of the Royal couple’s impending news.

Sally Tomkotowicz, Customer Acquisition Manager for Register 365 adds, “It’s exciting and opportunistic for the whole nation that Kate is expecting and cybersquatters are no exception. We’ve seen domain name cybersquatting activity for key domains increase massively since news emerged on the Royal couple.

It’s not just websites that can get taken by opportunistic squatters either. You can see it happen elsewhere on social media,” Sally adds. “On twitter, spoof accounts for Kate have been activated by a whole host of impersonators from @kate_middleton to @PrincessKateFTW. The Royal couple are among many well-known names who have had problems with cybersquatters from Richard Branson to Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis.”

The new arrival isn’t the first Royal Family member to become the target of cybersquatting. has previously been taken by a third party, and the baby’s grandfather Prince Charles has also lost key domains, with his UK website taken by a professional Prince Charles impersonator.

Meanwhile the baby’s Great Grandfather has had his taken by a pub. Surprisingly, there are also a few domain names still left that the cybersquatters haven’t registered yet. These include and but it can only be a matter of time before these are taken too according to Sally.

Some legitimate businesses are also seeing a rise in traffic because of their related web domain names after news broke about Kate Middleton’s bump.

The Royal Nursery, which has domain names including and, sells gifts and clothes for newborns in San Diego, US and has been slow to load ever since Kate and Wills confirmed that they were expecting.

The company is a great example of how a bit of forward thinking has helped generate demand for their business. Founder Mark D. John’s explains: “At the time my first son was born, Princess Diana was expecting Prince William.

Once I started shopping for gifts for my son, I discovered that there weren’t any baby stores in my town which carried special or unique gifts for babies. I then decided to develop a retail baby store concept. When it came to choosing the name for my business, I pictured in my mind Prince William’s Royal Nursery. It was at that moment that “The Royal Nursery” was chosen as our trade name. I registered some of these domain names as early as 1997 including,,, and We just registered the domain names and, just in case Kate has twins. Because of the pending birth of a royal heir, The Royal Nursery has now come full circle from its conception when the inspiration was the birth of Prince William. Needless to say, we are thrilled by the good news from the royal household.”

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