Misleading letters from Domain Renewal Group

We have received reports regarding misleading letters that are in circulation from a company known as ‘Domain Renewal Group’.

Using data that is publically available in the WHOIS database, the ‘Domain Renewal Group’ is mailing out ‘Domain Name Expiration Notices’ to people who own a domain.

The notice will appear to look like an invoice, already filled in with your domain name and a renewal amount.  One customer who was unaware of the renewal cost with their current registrar paid the full amount being asked for by the Domain Renewal Group, only to find their domain hadn’t actually been renewed.

The reality of the situation is that a registrar cannot renew a domain that is not registered with them.  Many of the people receiving the letters have their domains registered with other registrars, such as us.  To transfer a domain name any new registrar must be given an EPP authorisation code from the existing registrar.  The Domain Renewal Group may not ask you for it but the way they get around this is in the dreaded small print, which appears to suggest the customer may want to do a transfer into them.  However this is not clear, no EPP code is passed on when the ‘renewal’ is paid and many people are being fooled into thinking they are renewing their domain names, when they are not.

If you receive a renewal communication, the first thing you should do is check if it’s from your current domain name registrar, such as Register365.  You will be able to see in your Online Control Panel if you have a domain that’s up for renewal and what the renewal cost will be.  Alternatively you can call us on 0152 55768 to check, we are happy to guide you through the correct renewal or transfer process.

Our advice is to beware and read everything carefully before you hand over your money.  We don’t want you to risk losing your domains or paying for a service that does nothing for you.

You will be sure to find more stories about this issue by searching Google for Domain Renewal Group.

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