Quick Tips 7: Website Address

The Expert: Sally TomkotowiczHere’s Part 7 in our Quick Tips series with Sally Tomkotowicz, Marketing Manager for Register 365. This week we’re discussing how to choose the right website address for your business:

Q) I’m looking to get my business online. Have you got any top tips on choosing a successful website address?

A) Good question, it’s something many businesses overlook when starting up. The power of a good website address must not be underestimated; your address is part of your brand. It’s therefore vital you get the right one.

A website address (also known as a domain name) consists of two parts, separated by a dot. The first part of the website address is the brand name or product type, for example www.register365.com. The second extension (the bit on the end) is the geographical area or activity, www.register365.com

So what exactly makes a successful website address?

Choosing your website address is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. It could ultimately be the difference between the success and failure of your company. Here are a few top tips:

•    Keep it Memorable: Is the address easy to recall? If not, start again! Integrate keywords. For instance, if you run a small building company make sure you include ‘building’.

•    Keep it Short: When selecting a name for your company keep it short and sweet. Short website addresses are easy to type and more importantly, easy to remember.

•    Keep it Unique: Avoid using a similar address to your competitors. Be defensive – purchase multiple versions of your website address, and consider misspellings.

•    Protect Yourself: Register your website addresses for as long as possible, and don’t let them expire. Did you know that you can register .ie domains for up to 10 years?

•    Time: Don’t rush; take your time and ask others for their opinions.

Once you have selected your name you will then have to think about the second part of your website address, the extension (the bit on the end). Will it be a .com, .ie, co or something more unusual like a .me? The nature of your business will affect this. If you are a national company a .ie would be ideal for your target audience, whereas an international company would ideally require a .com extension. If you have a blog, you could consider a .me.

Visit www.register365.com for more help in choosing your perfect website address.

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