Survey reveals over 1 in 6 small businesses lose their domain name

Don't lose your domainOur recent survey on Irish businesses revealed that 68% of small business owners do not register their domain name until after they established their businesses, some even waiting months to do so. This leaves businesses in danger of losing out on their preferred .ie or .com web address and over 1 in 6 lose their preferred name and have to settle for a name not related to their company at all!

The startling results don’t end there… a mere 32% of respondents have registered their company name with both facebook and twitter, with 44% admitting they are registered with neither.

Sally Tomkotowicz, Customer Acquisition Marketing Manager for Register365 explained “Irish business owners need to realise how important their domain name is to the success of their business. With so much of today’s business conducted online, your domain name is as important now as your telephone number, so it is a significant oversight not to check for this first. Customers and potential customers will search for your website address every day, so not owning the domain could become a real issue.”

It isn’t all bad news however. Almost a third of businesses surveyed did register their domain name prior to establishing their business with a quarter of businesses stating they built their websites before launching their businesses. 35% had the foresight to register multiple domain names to protect their company name or expand their business.

Sally Tomkotowicz continued: “In the challenging times we live in, businesses need to look at their online profile to gain competitive advantage wherever they can, ensuring they own their company name in as many domain names and on as many social media platforms as they can. This report reveals that a quarter of SMEs surveyed are taking big chances with their brand identity – waiting months after they’ve registered their company name to find out if they can get their name as a .ie or .com and many taking even longer to design and launch their final website. I can’t impress upon businesses how important it is to take ownership of your company name before it’s too late. ”

Our research also showed that 8% of businesses would change their company name, given the opportunity, with 17% admitting they weren’t sure.

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