Ensuring that your business can be found in the search engines is essential for it to thrive but where you appear is vital. A 2014 study found that 67% of people only looked at the first five search results and… Continue Reading →

Brexit – what lies ahead for .eu domains?

With uncertainty looming over Brexit, many things remain undecided, however the European Commission and EURid (the .eu registry) have announced that there will be changes for .eu domains. At this point we cannot tell you exactly what this means as… Continue Reading →

Cryptojacking overtook ransomeware as the most “popular” cyber crime in 2018 – but what is it?

One of the key features of the 2018 cybercrime landscape was the rapid rise in cryptojacking due to the spike in cryptocurrency values. A classic case of cybercriminals following the money. But what is cyber crime when we talk about… Continue Reading →

Choosing a flexible WordPress theme for your new site

So you have your website planned out, you’re all set up with WordPress and a domain name… but you’re not a developer and you don’t plan to hire one. How do you choose from the thousands of WordPress themes and… Continue Reading →

Protect and defend your website in 2019

Is there anything more worrying than the thought of seeing all your work completely wiped out by a vicious hacker? You’ve worked hard on your website, so it’s important to take the time to protect it. You may question why… Continue Reading →

Five authoring tips for a compelling business blog

Many people assume that writing a business blog is a relatively simple affair. There are, however, some basic guidelines that will make all the difference and will help you get noticed. Here are five tips for your business blog. Advertising… Continue Reading →

Find inspiration for your 2019 PPC campaign with these stats and predictions

If you’re planning on implementing or updating a PPC advertising campaign in the coming months, then you couldn’t have picked a better time. According to industry analysts, 2019 is going to offer just about every business with an online presence,… Continue Reading →

Why is a shareholder agreement important for your startup?

So, you’ve thought about starting up your own business for a long time and you are finally making that dream a reality. Drawing up a shareholder agreement may not be your number one priority when you sit down with your… Continue Reading →

Build customer trust by using a professional, business email address

Every interaction with your customer leaves an impression. Whether you answer your phone with an ‘Alright mate’ or ‘A.B.C Car Repairs, Danny speaking, how can I help?’ your customer has subconsciously made assumptions about you and your business. This impression… Continue Reading →

Help! My Joomla site has been hacked – what can I do?

End users are seeing malware infection warnings. No wait, now they can’t get in – of course not, your host has just suspended your website. To cap it all you receive a blacklist warning from Google. Perfect! Having your Joomla… Continue Reading →

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