Choosing an email package can be tricky to get just right, a bit like the Goldilocks story – some just aren’t quite big enough for your needs, whereas others might have you paying too much for services you don’t really need. Our brand new customisable email hosting lets you choose the right size email package for you.

Now with up to 5GB storage per mailbox and 50 mailboxes, you can fit your email package around the needs of your family or your business. You can always start small too and simply increase your mailbox size or add more mailboxes as and when you need to – simple.

We understand that you want seamless access to all your emails and folders wherever you are and on all your devices, that’s why we’ve enabled IMAP on every mailbox. This means as well as your emails being synched everywhere, they are also securely backed up on our servers for complete peace of mind. Lost your mobile? Don’t worry your emails are safely stored and accessible on your other devices.

Two features that have and will always come as standard with our email hosting, are advanced anti virus protection and spam filtering, and a personalised email address – make a lasting impression with or

So whatever type of email user you are, create your perfect email package today.