We are happy to announce an update to our WebMail that will help make staying in touch a lot easier.

We have made our WebMail look much better than before and included features to make your email even easier to use and manage. Best of all, our WebMail is now fully mobile responsive so it looks and works great on smartphones. You still get this FREE with all our email services, whether you have an Email Hosting plan with us, or free email with your domain name, Web Hosting, CloudSite, Office 365 or an Ecommerce package!

For WebMail 5 upgrade we have gotten rid of the the clutter leaving a much cleaner look making the interface totally user friendly. This update is rolling out over the next few months, but you can upgrade to it today at webmail.register365.com.

Previous versions of WebMail will be taken out of service on 20th January 2016.

Let us tell you about some of WebMails’ features? Here are the best bits:

  • Use webmail on your smartphone. No need access your computer when you’re away from your home or office, just reach for your phone and your emails are at your fingertips.
  • Get to everything you need in WebMail in just a couple of clicks.
  • Set up standard responses, send them as they are or edit individually to personalise your replies.
  • Sharing information and documents just got really simple, simply drag and drop attachments in to your messages.
  • Managing your emails couldn’t be easier, create new folders to better organise your mail, then simply drag and drop emails into those folders.
  • Plan your schedule and set handy reminders ahead of your meeting or events with your own calendar.
  • Predictive addressee field means you can begin typing your contacts name or email address and WebMail will suggest existing contacts to select from.
  • Create auto responders to send when you know you’ll be unable to respond to your emails quickly. An auto responder is the perfect way to let everyone know that you’re not available, but that you’ll reply as quickly as you can.
  • Stop receiving emails from senders you have no interest in by blacklisting nuisance email addresses.

As you can see, there are lots of features in webmail designed to help you keep in touch more efficiently to free up more of your day. Managing your emails just got a whole lot easier with WebMail 5.

Already a WebMail user? You can import your WebMail preferences, contact list, calendar etc from the older versions of WebMail to the new version. When you first log in to WebMail 5, your data is migrated from the version of WebMail you used most frequently in your last five logins but if you know you have data in another version that you’d also like to import, select ‘Settings’ in the top right hand corner of WebMail 5 and then ‘Data Migration’ as set out below:

Data Migration

We have a whole host of new guides available for WebMail 5 at http://register365.com/knowledge

What are you waiting for? You can log in begin using it today at webmail.register365.com.