IEDR, the .ie Registry, have made the decision to allow one and two letter .ie domains to be registered. They do expect there to be fierce competition for these domains, particularly in cases where more than one company uses the same two letter abbreviation – Well, who doesn’t want a shorter domain name!

This launch was opened to Trademark holders first, but only a few were taken as the rules were exceptionally strict. The next phase of the launch opened on February 21st 2016 and runs until March 22nd 2016, this phase is known as the “Landrush” phase.

Q. What is Landrush?
A. Landrush is a phase of a domain launch where all interested parties can apply for premium value domain names prior to their release on a first-come-first-served basis in “General Availability” later in 2016.

Q. What one and two letter domain names are available?
A. LOADS… From to! Give our teams a call and they’ll let you know whether the domain you are interested in is available. Unfortunately, you can’t search online as they are all still reserved at registry level and will show as unavailable online.

Q. Why is the application price higher than a normal registration of .ie?
A. These domains have been labelled as premium and as such the Landrush pricing for them has been set by the Registry, this pricing takes into account the demand for these domains and also the highly administrative application process. The application fee is non-refundable so please do speak to us before applying to make sure you are eligible.

It is important to note that, once you have secured your short .ie domain name, it will become a normal registration and subject to the same pricing and rules as any other .ie domain name.

Q. Who can apply?
A.  Normal .ie registration rules that currently apply to all .ie domain registrations will apply to these short domains too. This means that applicants must have a connection to Ireland and a legitimate claim to the domain name sought.

Q. How can I apply?
If you can meet the requirements above and want to apply for a one or two letter .ie, please either:

–          contact our Online Brand Protection team, they have a wealth of experience in Landrush and the release process for domain name extensions, you can either call them on 01 5255768
or via their contact form.
–          create a ticket from your Online Control panel, please ensure you set the department to “Domain Transfers” and write the .ie domain name you wish to apply for in the brief description field.

Due to the restrictions, our Online Brand Protection team or Domain Administration team will contact you on the details provided to talk you through the process and explain the next steps.

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