Registering a .ie could be about to get a whole lot easier if the IEDR’s proposal to relax one of the registration rules goes ahead.

What would change?

Currently, when you register a .ie domain name you need to show:

  1. Your connection to Ireland
  2. Proof of your identity
  3. Your claim to the name

A ‘claim to the name’ is usually a letter explaining why you chose the specific .ie domain name and what you intend to use it for. This can slow the registration process down and often individuals and businesses choose a different domain extension to get online faster.

If the proposed change is implemented, you will no longer need to provide a ‘claim to the name’ when registering a .ie so the process will be much quicker and smoother. However, you will still need to prove your identity and your connection to Ireland as the IEDR feel strongly that this connection shows your authenticity.

What do you think?

The IEDR want to hear your opinions and feedback through the public consultation process. Do you think we should get rid of the ‘claim to the name’? Find out more about the proposed change and give your feedback today.