This week, we’re writing to customers who have reserved .uk domains with some exciting news – for a very limited time, we’re giving them the .uk domain(s) they have the right to register, for FREE.

If you have a reserved .uk, follow our quick guide to claim it now:

  • To begin, log into your Online Control Panel and go to ‘Billing’. Choose ‘Saved Orders’ from the drop down menu and from here you will see a list of your reserved .uk domain(s). To claim your free .uk click the pink ‘Claim Now’ button and complete the order. Alternatively, don’t do anything and we’ll process the order for you in approx 2 weeks time.

How to claim your free .uk

  • To delete the free .uk, click the pink ‘Claim Now’ button and you will be directed to the Basket Summary page. From there click ‘CLEAR ORDER’ button and the free .uk order will be deleted from your account. Please do this before the 25th September 2017.Basket summary page

Who is entitled to a FREE .uk?

In June 2014, Nominet, the UK domain registry, introduced a new shorter, sharper .uk domain. To protect existing UK domain owners (of extensions such as, and they reserved the corresponding .uk domain for 5 years.

This means only the person who has the right to the matching .uk domain can register it until the 10th June 2019.  We’re gifting .uk domains to the rightful owners to help raise awareness of the .uk extension. Read more about the .uk Right of Registration.

Do you have a UK domain? If not, now is a great time to check if the one you want is available – search now.