We’re changing our Control Panel!

It’s often the case that companies in our industry use custom control panels which are clunky to use and which look dated. Our own control panel is over 10 years old now, clunky and dated are amongst some of the words we’ve had used to describe it. So, it’s been long overdue a design and functionality overhaul in order to deliver on what our customers expect of an easy-to-use, intuitive control panel. Ultimately our goal is to make a simple account management interface which is quicker to use and which can be used on all devices whilst behind the scenes […]

Unlimited subdomains for free

A new facility for managing subdomains for Linux hosting customers has been introduced to the Register365 Control Panel. A subdomain is a website address formed of two main strings or names in front of the domain name extension (or country code). They’re a useful tool to market and promote a specific product range or to categorise large websites. Now you can create an unlimited number of subdomains for FREE and point them at any directory within the root directory of your site. A simple step-by-step guide to setting up subdomains in your Online Control Panel can be found in our […]

Your new Register365 Control Panel is now live

Dear register365 Customers As I am sure you are aware, Namesco Ltd bought Register365 in May this year. Register365 is now a trading name of Namesco Ireland Ltd; a company incorporated in Ireland of which I am a Director. My passion, shared by my co directors and team is to deliver award winning services to all our customers and provide online experiences which are both straight forward and cost effective. Since May, we have made a number of improvements including extending telephone support hours to 7 days a week and removing the premium rate telephone number. We removed the LiveChat […]

New Microsoft SQL Management Tools

Hot on the heels of our new Backup Tools, we’re thrilled to announce the availability of our new, web based management tools for both Microsoft SQL 2000 and SQL 2005. http://sqladmin.register365.com for SQL 2005 http://sql2000admin.register365.com for SQL 2000 Both tools provide an excellent alternative to Enterprise manager software running locally on your PC and give access to the complete range of features of these powerful database platforms. With the Sql2000 admin tool you can now also shrink your transaction log. As always, we’d be delighted to hear your feedback on the forums, or directly.

Automation the Key to Growth

One of the key driving factors behind the current growth of register365 can be summed up in one word – Automation. This is a key process tool we work hard at constantly refining with all parts of the register365 model. By empowering our customers and giving them the ability to manage all aspects of their accounts, it in turn frees us up to be innovative with our products and also offer better levels of support. One such example is the new automated mail that now gets sent to all new .ie domain customers who’s order is pending with the Irish […]