A price change to .uk domain names

Nominet, the company responsible for all .UK domains announced that with effect from 01st March 2016 there would be a wholesale price increase to domain names registered and renewed from 1-10 years. The cost of one year registrations was increased marginally and all other wholesale prices were increased by 50%. Russell Haworth, the CEO of Nominet; “We’re committed to running a first-class service for .UK registrants, including our renowned customer service, and we’re doing more than ever before to ensure the .UK space is a safe and trusted home for all. But costs have risen considerably since we last changed […]

Get your hands on one and two letter .ie domains!

IEDR, the .ie Registry, have made the decision to allow one and two letter .ie domains to be registered. They do expect there to be fierce competition for these domains, particularly in cases where more than one company uses the same two letter abbreviation – Well, who doesn’t want a shorter domain name! This launch was opened to Trademark holders first, but only a few were taken as the rules were exceptionally strict. The next phase of the launch opened on February 21st 2016 and runs until March 22nd 2016, this phase is known as the “Landrush” phase. Q. What […]

register365.com – .Coffee is our Daily Domain!

As today is Macmillan Coffee Morning, we have decided to make .coffee our Daily Domain. There has been an increase in our purchase of coffee pods in the last two years, of 46% as more of us use coffee machines for our caffeine fix! To see a list, take a look at our A-Z of new style domain name extensions! The coffee industry is massive and this will remain the case for a long time to come. As consumer purchases lean more towards the use of coffee pods and the variety on offer is plentiful, it’s not difficult to understand […]

register365.com – .Eu is our Daily Domain!

.Eu has been a very popular little domain name extension in Ireland, it currently outsells the .co.uk just about! As well it should too, with the European currency and Ireland’s close proximity to Europe’s financially strongest performing countries, trade with mainland Europe remains strong. The .eu domain name is perhaps the best initial indicator to your potential European partners or clients, that you don’t just operate in your native country but you operate outside of it too and welcome European trade. By adopting a Country Code Top Level Domain (or ccTLD) for our brand, such as .ie or .irish, you […]

register365.com – .co.uk is our Daily Domain!

Our Daily Domain is the much beloved .co.uk, whilst the .com remains the most popular international domain name, the .co.uk has remains a strong favourite for local businesses online and our personal online identities. The .co.uk was recently complimented with Nominet’s more recent addition of the .uk domain name extension, so in the absence of the .co.uk domain name you want being available, you might find that the .uk, .me.uk or .org.uk domain is available instead – however, in the event that the .co.uk was registered before 10 June 2014, the .uk equivalent is reserved for that registrant until 2019. […]