Is registering a .ie about to get easier?

Registering a .ie could be about to get a whole lot easier if the IEDR’s proposal to relax one of the registration rules goes ahead. What would change? Currently, when you register a .ie domain name you need to show: Your connection to Ireland Proof of your identity Your claim to the name A ‘claim to the name’ is usually a letter explaining why you chose the specific .ie domain name and what you intend to use it for. This can slow the registration process down and often individuals and businesses choose a different domain extension to get online faster. […]

Rights owners can claim free .uk

This week, we’re writing to customers who have reserved .uk domains with some exciting news – for a very limited time, we’re giving them the .uk domain(s) they have the right to register, for FREE. If you have a reserved .uk, follow our quick guide to claim it now: To begin, log into your Online Control Panel and go to ‘Billing’. Choose ‘Saved Orders’ from the drop down menu and from here you will see a list of your reserved .uk domain(s). To claim your free .uk click the pink ‘Claim Now’ button and complete the order. Alternatively, don’t do […]

Get your hands on one and two letter .ie domains!

IEDR, the .ie Registry, have made the decision to allow one and two letter .ie domains to be registered. They do expect there to be fierce competition for these domains, particularly in cases where more than one company uses the same two letter abbreviation – Well, who doesn’t want a shorter domain name! This launch was opened to Trademark holders first, but only a few were taken as the rules were exceptionally strict. The next phase of the launch opened on February 21st 2016 and runs until March 22nd 2016, this phase is known as the “Landrush” phase. Q. What […]

Have you got all your domain bases covered?

Value the Classics Classic domain extensions such as .com, and .net are well established on the web and recognised by everyone making them unlikely to ever go out of fashion. They are a staple choice, a great foundation for your website and already have a strong foothold in search engines. With today’s changing domain landscape and the introduction of so many new extensions, it’s never been more important to value the strong and steadfast names for your website. Discover the Contemporary Why do I need any of the new domain extensions you might ask? New gTLD’s are about choice […]