One hundred .ie domain names registered everyday

A recent report by the IEDR found that 100 .ie domain names were registered everyday from January to June, bringing the total number of registrations to 217,374 – up almost 6% on last year! 78% of all .ie domains registered belong to corporate bodies and sole traders and of all new registrations, 40% were recorded in Dublin, 8% in Cork, 4% in Galway and 3% in Limerick. This steady growth of the .ie database shows not only an increase in the number of Irish businesses achieving an online presence, but also the recognition of .ie’s as a highly regarded domain. […]

Get your hands on one and two letter .ie domains!

IEDR, the .ie Registry, have made the decision to allow one and two letter .ie domains to be registered. They do expect there to be fierce competition for these domains, particularly in cases where more than one company uses the same two letter abbreviation – Well, who doesn’t want a shorter domain name! This launch was opened to Trademark holders first, but only a few were taken as the rules were exceptionally strict. The next phase of the launch opened on February 21st 2016 and runs until March 22nd 2016, this phase is known as the “Landrush” phase. Q. What […]

Are shorter .IE domains on the way?

Do you think 1 and 2 character .IE domain names should be available to register? Whether you’re for it or against it, now is your chance to have your say. This is the first topic being tackled by the Policy Advisory Committee(PAC) and as a member, our Domain Name Geek, Kelly Salter, would love to know what YOU think! The PAC was set up by the Board of the IE Domain Registry (IEDR) in 2014 to consider and provide advice on policy issues concerning Ireland’s Internet top-level domain name, .IE. Kelly is actively involved in positive changes for .IE and […]

New .ie registrations continue to grow

We recently caught up with David Curtin, Chief Executive, IE Domain Registry Limited (IEDR) to find out what’s happening in the .IE domain name market. Here’s the latest news: Since December 2012 there’s been a 3.3% point increase of the .ie share of the domain market in Ireland bringing it to 46.1%. This shows that .ie remains in a strong position despite an overall decline in the market size. Even in the face of recession, the IEDR have noted that over the past 5 years, new registrations of .ie are continuing to grow. According to their findings, the majority of […]

Do you want a share of €150,000 to develop your online presence?

SMEs have until midnight on Thursday 2nd May 2013 to apply for a share of the IEDR ‘OPTIMISE’ Web Business fund IEDR, the IE Domain Registry has asked Register365 to make a final call to all Irish small businesses and micro enterprises to apply for a share of the 2013 OPTIMISE e-Commerce and Website Development Fund. The closing date for applications has been extended to midnight on Thursday 2nd May 2013. IEDR’s OPTIMISE Fund will provide twenty small business owners with a combined €150,000 worth of support services delivered via consultation, training and e-commerce developments to the winners’ websites to […]