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Why is a shareholder agreement important for your startup?

So, you’ve thought about starting up your own business for a long time and you are finally making that dream a reality. Drawing up a shareholder agreement may not be your number one priority when you sit down with your… Continue Reading →

Build customer trust by using a professional, business email address

Every interaction with your customer leaves an impression. Whether you answer your phone with an ‘Alright mate’ or ‘A.B.C Car Repairs, Danny speaking, how can I help?’ your customer has subconsciously made assumptions about you and your business. This impression… Continue Reading →

Help! My Joomla site has been hacked – what can I do?

End users are seeing malware infection warnings. No wait, now they can’t get in – of course not, your host has just suspended your website. To cap it all you receive a blacklist warning from Google. Perfect! Having your Joomla… Continue Reading →

Don’t have time to improve your time management? Yeah right!

Do you ever find there is never enough time in the day to complete all the tasks you are required to do? With our increasingly busy lifestyles, effective time management is key to fulfilling your potential, avoiding stress and working… Continue Reading →

Best WordPress Themes 2019

Many business owners have great ideas, products and services but lack the creativity and technical expertise to be able to design and build a stunning website that truly matches their brand. WordPress themes bridge the gap between getting online and… Continue Reading →

5 steps to keeping your Drupal site secure

Security violations associated with software applications are an on-going threat in the digital world. The risk can be reduced if the underlying frameworks are made more secure. Drupal is known to be one of the most efficient platforms available to… Continue Reading →

I need a really good, free Project Management tool for my startup

Using a project management tool can be a substantial help in controlling project costs, allowing you to track progress accurately and ensuring the project delivers to its objectives. But it’s not very helpful if the tool becomes a black box… Continue Reading →

Better keyword research generates more traffic – here are 4 guidelines

How can you improve your website to help promote your business? A little keyword research is a great way to attract traffic and increase sales on your site. The four guidelines below will help to improve the keywords you use… Continue Reading →

How to avoid your WordPress website being hacked

WordPress is used by 59.5% of all websites with a known CMS – says W3Techs [1]. Out of 34,371 infected websites, 83% of them were running WordPress – says Sucuri [2] The two statistics do make for uncomfortable reading. Does… Continue Reading →

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